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• After arriving you need to get a wrist strap. The wrist strap is not transferable and will not be replaced in case of loss or damage!
• The taking of glass containers, cans, plastic bottles, fireworks, torches as well as weapons of any kind or other dangerous things to the venues is strictly prohibited. You will be expelled from the location in case of breaking the rules. At the entrance there will be a security check. The security guards are instructed to carry out body checks.

• The taking of tape and disc recorders, cameras, camcorders to the locations is not allowed at all. Taking photos or recording videos at the venues are strictly not permitted.

• We do not assume any responsibility for damages caused to someone’s health like hearing defects caused by loud sounds during a concert.
• In case of important matters especially if visitors commit a crime on the festival area they will be expelled by the staff. Any reimbursement for the tickets is impossible.